David Callaway

Founder & editor of Callaway Climate Insights

Apr 7 2021

“It’s already here, we’re seeing the disasters and it’s going to be a systemic challenge going forward, but I’m optimistic!”

David Callaway is founder and editor of Callaway Climate Insights. Founded in 2020, the weekly newsletter provides news, critical analysis and commentary on the business of climate change. Beginning his career as a reporter and columnist for the Boston Herald, he has held senior positions at a variety of publications including; Bloomberg News, CBS MarketWatch, TheStreet Inc., and USA Today. In this conversation, David explains the significant role of the media in communicating the severity of global warming to the public; describes the impact young investors’ are having on the climate economy, and how they’re shifting the landscape by investing in more climate-focussed companies; and the current surge in renewable energy and what this means for the future of public versus private investment. 

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