Jessica Long

Head of climate change and sustainability practice, at Ipsos MORI

Nov 4 2021

“Insight and data are really the planks of wood that make up the ship and keep everything afloat.”

Jessica Long is head of climate change and sustainability practice at Ipsos MORI. The leading research company based in the UK and Ireland leverages cross-sector expertise in sustainability, the environment and climate change research – and provides insights to inform decision-making at the forefront of the green economy. Jessica has also worked with governments and corporate multinationals around the globe to further their sustainability agenda, both in terms of environmental and social progress. In this conversation, Jessica shares her thoughts in the build up to COP26 and what she hopes the summit will achieve; explores the importance of informed decision-making and the use of data to combat climate change; and discusses how important it is to change consumer behaviour and why everyone needs to play their part.

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