Nat Bullard

Chief content officer at BloombergNEF

May 10 2021

“You cannot manage what you cannot measure - so get better at it and decide what it is you’re measuring”

Nat Bullard is chief content officer at BloombergNEF. Since joining the team in 2010, he’s held a number of roles including global head of executive insights, analyzing energy transitions and technologies; content director for Bloomberg New Energy Finance; and lead analyst for the North American new energy market. He is also a member of the Climate-Related Subcommittee of the CFTC’s Market Risk Advisory Committee. In this conversation, Nat delves into the importance of understanding how  the severity of our future condition, is entirely determined by our present actions, or lack of; explains the need for deep-rooted organizational change and companies that are willing to become more dynamic to current needs; and discusses the significance of getting the narrative right – phrasing decarbonization as an investment instead of a cost…

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