Peter Krull

CEO & director at Earth Equity Advisors

Jun 8 2021

“We want to look at low-carbon forms of creating electricity and low-carbon forms of transportation - and I’m a big fan of microbiology in this”

Peter Krull is chief executive and director of investments at Earth Equity Advisors. Founded in 2004, the company helps businesses align their investments with their values – with clients in 22 states, and over $150 million in assets. In 2018, Peter was nominated as one of the most influential financial advisors in America by Investopedia 100, and was also selected as a ‘40 under 40’ by the Savannah Business Report. In this conversation, Peter describes the difference between SRI and  ESG investing – and how a lack of clarity can lead to issues including the potential for greenwashing; shares evidence which shows how diverse companies perform better in these areas, by bringing a much-needed breadth of opinion to the table; and explains the significance of corporate resiliency, being able to adapt to an ever-changing world and look forward to the future. 

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