Tyler Cole

Director of Carbon Intelligence at FreightWaves

Apr 14 2022

“When we’re talking about complex networks like supply chains, the decarbonization of supply chains will absolutely accelerate change”

In this episode, Andy Vesey is joined by Tyler Cole, Director of Carbon Intelligence at FreightWaves. Founded in 2017, the FreightIntel provider enables companies involved in the $9.6 trillion global logistics market to benchmark, analyze, monitor, and forecast the carbon emissions generated by their transportation networks. FreightWaves’​ SaaS platform SONAR, has time-series and geo-based data from all modes of freight, including truck, rail, ocean, air, and warehouse. In this in-depth conversation, Tyler shares his journey into the freight industry and how alternative fuels were his first introduction to differentiation through sustainability and environmental performance; explains how programs such as California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard will increase the number of electromotive vehicles; and describes coming out of the ‘covid demand explosion’ as a silver lining for supply chains, with the volume of freight being tendered from shippers to fleets decreasing, allowing consumer staples and industrials to lead the way.

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